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Re: 1300 watt Microwave Flyback for sale.

Original poster: Karl Lindheimer <karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

If MOT's are abundant (still) and newer microwave ovens are even more abundant (but less desireable) I do not anticipate a great demand for these types of "flybacks?" for Tesla service...?

On Feb 14, 2005, at 9:53 PM, Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "Mercurus2000" <mercurus2000@xxxxxxx>

Hello, I have a 1300 watt panasonic microwave oven flyback transformer I just pulled from a solid state microwave. It appears to be a e-core ferrite transformer, pretty small, this is the transformer that's replaced those bulk 60hz MOTS, the power rating is 1300 watts, it's a monster in a small package. The secondary and primary coil forms are surrounded by the 3 volt filament coil form, and the two halves of the core are glued together with some sort of flexible glue(the cores will shift slightly, but stay stuck together) you would need to let it soak in some light solvent to get the cores apart, or just cut the filament coil form off and wind your new secondary(if you want) or primary with the cores still glued together. This unit would be nice if you want to take time to rewind the secondary and primary, you could get ALOT of power and high voltage from the unit by vacuum potting it in oil or just use it to power a standard tesla coil. I'm asking $35 for this flyback, plus shipping, which shouldn't be much. e-mail me if interested.