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RE: rebuilt pole pigs

Original poster: "J. Aaron Holmes" <jaholmes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

If you end up getting stuck with shipping charges, you
might ask him how much more it would be for a 10- or
15-kVA transformer.  Otherwise the
shipping:transformer ratio is a little high for me.
And before bidding, I'd still recommend talking to
your local utility's salvage unit.  The worst that can
happen is they could say "no way" and hang up the
phone.  Otherwise, you might save $100's.  Granted,
you'd probably get a rusty ol' beater of a
transformer, but then consider the application!  I've
never paid more than $100 for a pig or PT, but then I
purchased them under the guise of my eBay business and
not as my own person (I do not sell pigs, BTW, but if
I figure out a way to do so without subjecting myself
to the threat of severe civil suits by irresponsible
people, I will).

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> Original poster: "Stephen Mathieson" <sm@xxxxxxxxxx>
> I bought mine from the same guy that has the e-bay
> auction - Lawrence
> Millard. I think a 5KVA unit cost me $250 delivered
> to Weatherford, TX. His
> price looks like it's gone up $50 but it's worth it.
> Stephen A. Mathieson
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> Subject: rebuilt pole pigs
> Original poster: Bobby Amaya
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> Hi everyone,
> Does anyone know of any places that sell rebuilt
> pole
> pigs in the immediate surrounding area of Austin,
> TX?
> Bobby,
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