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Re: phase shift

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Bonjour , i'have construted this systeme, and it work's verry good, but i
don't undersatns the procedure to select the capacitot value .. i try 50µF ,
nows with the variac , i can obtain  nice and regular fire on the rotary
gap, i've not connected yet the TC , because i'm doing an enclosure for this
Rotary gap ,  (my motor is synchronous rated at 0.35A /110v , but i put an
 transformer 230V to 115V (in france 230V / 50hz) before the variac)..
Thank's you Terry , picture comming next..
Loïc From France

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To: <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>> I show an electronic phase shifter schematic diagram
at my website at
>       http://hometown.aol.com/futuret/page3.html.
> Be sure to carefully select the proper phase capacitor value as
> the instructions indicate.  It is a trial and error process to find
> the correct value capacitor for this.