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Streamer V/I evolution

Original poster: "Denicolai, Marco" <Marco.Denicolai@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello all,

Yesterday I acquired both toroid voltage and streamer current for a
10-bang discharge of Thor to a grounded stick. Actually I stored only
the last 5 bangs to gain a little in sample rate. Results can be seen


There you can find (for two streamers) the V and I curves for the last 5
bangs. The current amplitude should be within 1% of precision, the
voltage amplitude is still approximative as I haven't passed yet the
data through my deconvolution algorithm.

Streamer n.1 hits the target from bang n.8, while streamer n.2 is
already hitting it from bang n.6. Bang size is fixed to 12.8 J.

Anybody daring to start speculating about the interpretation of this