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Re: 7.1Hz, how the heck did Tesla succeed?

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Hi All,

I've just been learning about 'positive lightning', which as an property of lighting extending from above the clouds to the upper atmosphere / lower ionosphere, in the form of 'sprites'. Here are some nice images I managed to find: -


It just occurred to me that many of these images were captured in Colorado Springs. Surely if
a) The laws of physics are invariant throughout space then b)The laws of physics are also invariant over 110 years, i.e. Tesla may have been looking at positive lighting. Seems plausible that he may have wondered what causes 'Those unusual measurements during 5% of lightning storms...". Or maybe he simply didn't manage to capture them. - Who knows.

Is the physics of positive lightning well understood? Its only been on record for about 10 years. Do we know anything about the conductive nature of the ionosphere and how it could be connected to ground? These things can stretch to 100 Miles so it could be a means if injecting pulses of enegery in to the ionosphere using low loss. But then how could we get it out again without causing chaos to the airline service?



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Tesla failed to
make it work, but that was because wall street turned against him before
it was up and running. Contemporary experimenters have failed to power
any distant devices via Earth resonance transmission, but this may just
mean that Tesla didn't reveal the necessary details (or it may just mean
that it's difficult to accomplish, and nobody has put major funding into
an attempt.)

Or the failures could as easily be because it just doesn't work. The fact that his funding was cut off and system dismantled before he got it fully up and running in no way validates the underlying assumptions. All the rest is an act of faith, which by its very nature must lie outside the realm of rational discourse. (ergo O.T.)

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