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Re: Nice spark picture!

Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Peter,
This is interesting because I had forwarded the picture to Earle Williams with no comments and he wrote back it was possibly a fake and what did I thing and why.
So I zoomed in and made him a report of various items as I studied the picture. He's heading out of country and has not made reply yet with my "grades". I did note the main channel area in zoom had a wider bright area, like afterglow but it did conform with the channel path to the top of the lower clouds. I got the impression it was a positive cloud to ground and dividing also to a cloud above it. Don't know if that wide bright area either side of the main channel was camera saturation or not. The area toward the camera, darker ground, does not show shadows of light from the stroke direction but the trees closer to the direction of the strike seem to be lighted more or less as expected.

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This lightning picture looks 'wrong' and I wonder if it is a fake. The lightning colour has a sunset yellow cast. It should be white/violet unless altered by dust/smoke, exposure or post processing, but it seems very uniform for this comparing the top vs the bottom of the strike. The nature of the streamers just doesn't seem right, perhaps not chaotic enough compared to other lightning strikes. What do you think?

A nice lightning picture:

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz