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Western Winter Teslathon?

Original poster: "Hooper, Christopher AZ" <christopher.az.hooper@xxxxxxxxx>

Good day,

I attended my first Teslathon (Cheesehead) in September 2005 and must
say I sure enjoyed meeting other Tesla Coil enthusiast! The only issue
is I live in Arizona and it was a four day drive one way. My thoughts
after the Teslathon were, boy this would be great if we could establish
interest in Arizona for a Winter Teslathon. To hot in summer (116
degrees-poor MMC's), so winter would be more realistic.
     Question: is there anyone out West that would like to start a
yearly Teslathon to allow the Western United States to meet, have fun
and start a great place to exchange ideas and demo coils when the East
is under snow?