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Re: Qs on Using Modern TV Flybacks

Original poster: "Jeff Bullock" <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply.

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Subject: Re: Qs on Using Modern TV Flybacks

> Original poster: Steve Conner <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> There are a whole range of flyback driver circuits available online.
> The Royer self-resonant oscillator seems to be "in" just now. If you
> check out the HV Community forum
> http://forum.4hv.org/

Great forum! Yes I found a thread in nthe archives that had very usefull
advice in it on excactly this issue.

I thought it would be helpful to other folks here to summarize my findings:

HR, who sells TV flyback transformer replacements actually has a search
database where you put in a reference number from the body of your
transformer and they match it up with a replacement. Once you score a hit,
you can view a schematic that lists the pinouts. Checkout:

Jean Naudin has a page with information on how to find the primary coil
pins, the correct polarity for such and the 0v return pin of the secondary:

I also found this page on how to test flybacks from a TV repair source

One thing I figured out on my own is to check all the pins with a continuity
tester. I found two groups of connected pins and one pin that doesn't
connect to the others. The smaller group of connected pins are parts of the
primary. The larger group are parts of the auxiliary coil and the singleton
pin is the 0v return for the secondary coil. The big red wire with the
suction cup is of course the HV positive voltage output of the secondary

Thanks, all. I now have me at least one completely sussed out and tested to
be working flyback!