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Re: LM12CL Low-Z Amp

Original poster: Terry Fritz <vardin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Phil,

It is DC coupled.  It will go down to 0Hz ;-))

I have used it to about 300kHz. Even 500kHz if you take into account some none linearity. Easily into the 200kHz Tesla coil range.

The LM12CLK used to run about $35 but I think the price is far less these days.... $20... was about $15 last year... But a very nice IC ;-)



At 05:35 PM 9/29/2005, you wrote:

Just love your Amp, the spec's on the chip show it good up to 60 kHz
Quick question, hows it do at reproducing low freqs 1 to 20 Hz

-- Phil Rembold TCBFW

Original poster: Terry Fritz <<mailto:vardin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>vardin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Jim,


For the transmitter, any powerful signal source could drive it.  I
would almost suggest an audio amplifier driven from a signal
generator.  You could simply tune the frequency to resonate at the
best point.  But, an audio amplifier might not go much above
20kHz.  There are ICs that would work at higher frequencies such as
in my amplifier here:



Once setup, you could just tune the signal generator for the best
light output at the receiver.  The biggest loss will be at the loose
coupling of the primary coils.  The system really is just a
loosely-coupled air-core high voltage transmission line that works at
high frequency.

I don't think you are going to get a "return of 1000 times the input
energy."  but it should be an interesting project.