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RE: Pictures of my 2KW coil and the 8x32 concrete toroid

Original poster: "david baehr" <dfb25@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Is that an 8" or 6" secondry. ??? ............

From: "Tesla list" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx Subject: Pictures of my 2KW coil and the 8x32 concrete toroid Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 23:09:03 -0600 >Original poster: "Gerry Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> > >Hi Everyone, > >I finished building the 8x32 toroid using the mcmaster ducting >material (5 mil stuff) and grout to make a smooth surface. The >following are my experiences: > >1. Grout sands easier than bondo (that's why I switch) and the work >time is very good. Before curing, grout is very chalky. Full curing >takes many days > >2. Sanding to get a smooth surface worked fairly well but my results >were not as good as D&M's work. I attribute this partly to: grout >sands maybe too easily. I was able to reapply grout to fill in but >if the depression was too shallow, it was hard to get the new grout >to stick to the old grout thru the sanding process. > >3. Adhesion to the AL duct was not perfect and sometimes cracks >formed and small pieces flaked off requiring reapplication. This >problem was not major and added only a small portion to the time >required. > >4. There was some shrinkage with the first application of grout and >generally required a second application and in some parts a third >spot application. > >5. After I was satisfied with the surface, I gave the toroid two >coats of varnish. This gave it an excellent surface for taping and >greatly reduced the vunerability of the grout to damage. > >6. Taping went very well. I purchased 2 inch wide AL tape that I >cut length wise into 1 inch strips. > >7. After taping, the toroid seemed very dent resistance although I >wont test this on purpose. The final weight was 15 lbs that seemed >acceptable to me. I probably wont use this method for much larger >toroids, but for this size and smaller, I think the weight is not a >problem. > >8. It took me two weeks to grout and a week to tape. The grout time >seemed higher than I expected but grout is inexpensive. > >9. Total cost $85: > a. duct = $30 > b. Al center sheet = $20 > c. Grout = $15 > d. Al tape = $20 > >Now for the pictures: > ><http://www.hot-streamer.com/temp/GerryReynolds>http://www.hot-streamer.com/temp/GerryReynolds > >Go the the directory for the 15KV_120ma coil. > >There are pictures of the toroid during each stage of construction >and the other components of my coil. There are also pictures of the >coil in operation both with a breakout point and ground target, and >with no breakout point. The longest power arc was 86 inches and the >wall power was 2100 watts. Exposures are 4 seconds at ISO of 400, >800, and 1600. The picture names make a story board sorta and are >numbered in chronological order. Enjoy. > >Gerry R. > >