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Re: Mot powered coil

Original poster: "Gates" <ryker@xxxxxxx>

Thanks Mark.
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Original poster: "Mark Dunn" <mdunn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Look at Richie Burnett's Site.  He has all the info you need.  I have a
number of pictures on my site which might be of interest.
Mark Dunn

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Subject: Mot powered coil

Original poster: "Gates" <ryker@xxxxxxx>
Hey gang
This is my second attempt.
I need help on how to with Mot transformers.
I want to build a 4 pack or 6 pack MOT powered tesla coil depending
on what I can find.
Simple explanations and some pictures with schematics would be great. I
was going to build another coil using multiple NST'S but as soon as
you mention what its for they want top dollar,but MOT'S are cheap
from your local Dump so that's the way to go.