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RE: Toroid made easy

Original poster: "alfred erpel" <alfred@xxxxxxxxx>



What an awesome approach.

I am going to try this with mirror finished stainless steel and report the
results back here.

I have an induction heating unit that I don't know how to use yet (and am
not going to figure out for this) but that is the way to go on heating up
the flat blanks.

BTW, does anyone have any comments regarding the efficacy of using stainless
steel (stainless steel has ~1/27 the conductivity of aluminum according to
one internet source) as a toroid vs. aluminum or copper in tesla coil usage?


Al Erpel

[stuff snipped]

>  You can get a 98% accurate idea of the actual size by bending
>a sheet of paper into a radius to see how large your finished
>balloon shape toroid will be.
>Gary Weaver