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RE: ballasting not revisited, Saturable, controllable cores, help and suggestions wanted

Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Steve and all,

(1)I wish to have the voltage able to ramp up to my choice while
experimenting with the DCasrg. My schematic only shows 4 Voltage setting
with internal jumpers which affects the VR Transformer. I don't want to zap
the diodes. It is a 20KVA Stamford/Newage, no longer in production, and
although NOS, I have no docs.

********** (2) The reactor is for my single phase pole pig which I'm working
(playing) with at the moment. I do not want to use my arc welder, coils of
wire, MOT stacks in series/parallel, and all the other usual schemes. These
seem to inherently pose some dangers from a lash up viewpoint. I would much
rather have a DC controlled Reactor. A mutual design we all could make use
of! A big EI core would seem to be a good solution as the center leg (the
series AC leg) would facilitate nearly purely inductive control: (little or
no saturation - no DC current amp voltage applied) the outer 2 legs would be
the opposing DC control legs ( I don't know if these must be opposition
winding or simply reverse phased ???) to drive the core into the desired
level of saturation opening the pipe! It would be outstanding to have such
control, don't you agree? It would be like have an amp in my rack mount to
crank up the pig! ********

Any help on this project would be greatly appreciated. I know that D&M HV
are making exceptional quality custom units like this. I'm just a back yard
sort of guy.

Help from the list requested!

Jim Mora

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Original poster: Steve Conner <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

>Still working on my 3 phase monster... 3 2950 Superiors in a stack
>for voltage control. A 20KW 3 phase generator driven by an Isuzu
>diesel (not a factory unit!)

Why are you bothering to lug a big variac stack and saturable
reactors, when you can easily control voltage by adjusting the field
excitation on the generator?

Steve Conner