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Original poster: "C. Sibley" <a37chevy@xxxxxxxxx>

I've got everone beat.  I started winding on the left,
with a hand crank on the left.  Once I got past the
center of the coil, it was to far to reach the handle
to continue.  So I moved the crank to the right side,
switched hands and continued turning.  So how does
that factor in??? :-)


--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>     Seems the consensus is "left to right, over the
> top" except for
> one "right to left, over the top".  I guess everyone
> wants over the
> top so it's easy to see the wire going on and use
> finger or other
> pressure to keep the winding tight.  I guess one
> could drive the
> spindle from either direction, depending on where
> the most convenient
> place was for a drill or handle.  In my case I have
> provisions to
> bolt the winder to the bench and can use either a
> hand crank (most of
> the time) or a drill with the chuck clamped on the
> shaft for the hand
> crank.  Since I'm right handed the crank, and hence
> th drill, are on
> the right.  Obviously a winder of some sort, however
> crude, is worth
> having but holding the form in the lap and turning
> it by hand works
> too.........
> Ed