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RE: Newbie Question- what toroid size?

Original poster: "Hajdrowski, Leo T." <leo.hajdrowski@xxxxxxx>

I'm a newbie and have a question.
I have a NST of 15KV @30MA and also a Huge old plate voltage xfmr of 5KV
but 750MA.
Which is better for a tesla coil? Higher voltage, Higher current, or
Higher Power?


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Original poster: "Mccauley, Daniel H" <daniel.h.mccauley@xxxxxxxx>

If i may add something on this.  I think its very important (and i
believe Richard Hull has alluded to this as well) that newbies /
beginners do not get caught up with the hard numbers when building their
first coils.

I think beginners should concentrate more on building several coils to
get a "feel" for what works and what doesn't rather than getting hung up
on numbers like:

1.  Whats the best toroid size
2.  Whats the best wire size
3.  Whats the best secondary aspect
4.  Etc....

Just take what you have, and build a coil or two and vary the parameters
as you test.  Only this way will you get a real "feel" to how the coil
will behave.

Just don't get hung up on the "perfect sizes" and "proper sizes" for