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Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>   Seems the consensus is "left to right, over the top" except for
>one "right to left, over the top".

Right to left, under the bottom would be the winding direction according to customary screw machine (lathe) work. FWIW, I made a winding rig (spare 48V DC motor, .5 KVA x-former to isolate/halve incoming line voltage, variac, bridge rectifier, fence pickets, 2x4's, angle iron, and Unistrut...) and I go left to right, over the top.
   Half an hour to wind, a week to varnish.

-Phil LaBudde"

I wound one coil on my 11" Logan but did it left to right over the top (have a reversing switch on the motor). Never did that again because there's no brake on the spincle and the thing takes several seconds to stop, particularly when I have to shift my left hand from controlling the wire to the motor switch.