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RE: UK Gaussfest 11th March 2006 (teslathon)

Original poster: "Derek Woodroffe" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


	I have had to move the date of the UK Nottingham Gaussfest
(teslathon) to the 11th March.

	Can you please let me know if you can still make it (or if you
couldn't before can you now?)
	and can you please pass this change of data on to anyone who is

	The details are unchanged apart from the date and are at

	Sorry about the change of dates, this was totally out of my control.

	Hope to see you there



>I will be running another Gaussfest this year on the 4th of March from
09:30 onwards in Chilwell Nottingham UK.

>A Gaussfest is a show of amateur built or antique electrical equipment
utilising high voltages. There will be many >
>working tesla coils and depending on what our visitors bring, van de
graffs, wimshursts, marx banks , violet ray
>machines etc.

>As usual I'm opening it up to show/debug any equipment. TC's of all
varieties are welcome of course, but any high
>powered or high voltage or high tech equipment that has been built rather
than bought is welcome (bought HV antiques are
>also accepted) .

>I'd like as many people as possible to bring something, It doesn't have to
be newly made , lets see some of the stuff
>that has been unused for a while too. Especially spark gap Tesla coils. We
have quite a few new people coming to the
>event who haven't seen the older equipment before.

>For those of you that have been before the venue is the same, If you
haven't attended before please email me for more
>details at mailto:tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

>For further details please look at www.roffesoft.co.uk/tesla/gaussfest