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Re: The Green Monster

Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunikllr@xxxxxxx>

Its been a while but I just remembered that a picture of one of my coils is supposed to be used as a back drop poster in the workshop of the person who was "killed" in the movie "The River King" .... its release is supposed to be soon... going to check out the availability and view it as soon as I can to see what picture they used....

Scot D

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: Bob Wroblewski <bwroblewski@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey David,
Great looking (and performing!) coil and website.
Check out the link below to another green monster.
It was an awesome documentary that I saw only once, years ago on PBS.
It also reminds me of a movie trailer I saw on this past superbowl for 'The Worlds Fastest Indian' due in theaters soon. The common thread of innovation and activities that people persue as past-times and hobbies over time is pretty amazing indeed.

Bob Wroblewski
Dracut, MA

Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "David Rieben"

Hi Mike,

My coil, the Green Mo nster: http://dawntreader.net/hvgroup/david/gm.html
has a 12.5" diameter secondary and a whopping 56" major
diameter x 12" minor diameter toroid and normally, I don't