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For sale: 23 kV 10 kVA pig, many other tesla goodies in St. Louis

Original poster: Teslaccw@xxxxxx
(Those who have seen, please pardon the repost)

Ordered a few years ago from some huge transformer remanufacturer out
west. It was really cool the day it came, sitting dwarfed on the back
of an 18-wheeler by some monstrous substation xformers...boy, did the
neighbors do a double take. It has only been used a couple times to
do a Jacob's ladder, and with some diodes to charge this immense cap
I once had; my tesla project never got off the ground very far, due
to a divorce and some other stuff, and it's been about 5 or 6 years
since I've even been on this list. But this pig is the real McCoy.
About 400 lbs I would guess, it's a two-eared pig, the secondary of
which is center-tapped. If you apply 220 to the ends of the
secondary, it does 22900v, or if you're feeding it with the variac at
max, it's about 27 kV. And, rated at 10 kVA, I suppose that means it
will do 10 kVA in Yuma, Arizona, at the top of a pole, in August,
with no clouds in the sky, with an egg frying on the case. I'll bet
that means it will do 30 or 50 briefly, on the ground, in St. Louis...

Also available is the variac pictured - a Powerstat model also rated
at 10 kVA. Weighs about 60 lbs. I'll throw in the coilform I made for
the project, and 90 lbs of 14 gauge magnet wire...the form is about 6
feet tall and 16 inches in diameter, made of a sonotube, reinforced
with epoxy resin and fiberglass fabric. Also about 100 ft of
high-voltage wire, the good stuff, conductor is about 16 gauge wound
wire in about 3/8 inch silicone based insulation.

Accepting offers for the kit and kaboodle at this email address.

Or maybe some tesla-crazed St. Louisan wants to make friends and
finish the project with me. I set out to make a monster coil...just
lost steam and got other hobbies...

If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail and I'll shoot you pics of everything.