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Re: MOT Stack Question

Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Robert.

I expectec everyone to answer this question..
but no one did, so I do ;-)

Most MOT's com with 2000V up to
2300 or 2600V typical ratings.
4000V are sometimes used, too.
The first two can be mixed without
ill effects, I guess even 2 and 4KV but never saw or tried this.
When putting transformers in series, you basically
want all of them to be able to deliver aproximatly the
same current, though there is no necessity for this either,
but it would be somewhat pointless to series a 20A xformer
with a 20mA one, as weakest link dictates how much current
you can draw, in this cas 20mA.
When paralleling, you seek for euqal voltage, this is more critical.
If the voltage of two paralleled xformers differs too much, there will be
currents exchanged between the two ( wasted energy ) which will
eventually lead to the failure of one transformer.

For your MOT-Stack you will be fine mixing some 2000 to 2600V
types. I try to arrange things a bit symetrical, the smaller xformers in the
center and the higher voltage ( bigger size, more insulation ) on the outer
ends, ground the center like NST's do.

Good luck and be very carefull, MOT stacks micht look lime crap,
but the power capability is definitely not.


Christoph Bohr