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RE: "Warming Up"

Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <Gary.Lau@xxxxxx>

Ceramic caps, i.e. doorknob caps, will vary their capacitance with
temperature.  What kind of caps do you have?  Do they feel perceptibly
warmer after use?

Gary Lau

> Original poster: "C. Sibley" <a37chevy@xxxxxxxxx>
> I've noticed that my 60mA NST powered coil gets a
> significantly longer spark after running 15-20
> seconds.  After it "Warms Up" it starts at full power,
> but if it's been sitting for a day it begins at less
> than a third of the spark length.
> I assume it's out of tune when it's "Cold", do you
> think this phenominom coukd be related to the
> capacitors?  I seem to recall hearing once that
> capacitors could change capacity significantly with
> temperature...
> Curt.