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Re: how deep do the coilers prefer doing it? : )

Original poster: "Gerry  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Dmitry,

I was hoping it would work. After I thought about it, I couldn't think of any reason why it wouldn't. For NON SYNC applications, I would think there would be a wide range of run cap values that would work. However, for SYNC applications, it seems like the run cap value may want to be selected more carefully to minimize the wasted power.

Gerry R.

Original poster: "Dmitry (father dest)" <dest@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hallo John,

Thursday, February 16, 2006, 7:32:10 AM, you wrote:

> Gerry, Dmitry,

> I've modified cap-run, cap-start, and induction-start/run motors and
> they all worked fine.  THe cap-start ones are probably the most
> powerful, but cap-run are fine too, and also the induction start/run
> providing the rotor disc is not too large and heavy for the motor.

this is just another "real coilers" myth : )))

Let the bass kick! =:-D