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Re: spark gap/ primary coil

Original poster: "Michael Ong" <omenowner725@xxxxxxxxxxx>

ahh my mistake i didnt mean to add the k, my transformer is only 6000v no kv. anyways after reading your respones i cheecked online the prices of the tubing and its only $30 or so like you guys were saying, i must have looked at the wrong tag or it was mismarked, thanks for catching that. also, i was wondering what the affect is of using thinner wire for the primary is like 1/16 inch instead of 1/4. is the transfer just less efficent since it does not want to move to the secondary as easy. or are there other factors that cause people to use think primaries. thanks again for all your help.

From: "Tesla list" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: spark gap/ primary coil
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 19:05:46 -0700

Original poster: David Speck <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Nearly every microwave oven I've ever stripped has one of these fuse holders in it, for free.

1/4 inch fuse holder clips work very well. They can be torn out of common fuse holders from say Radio Shack: #270-739 modified as needed with pliers and a hammer...

Digikey also sells the perfect clip as part number F038-ND.

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