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Re: Saturable Reactor Ballast from MOT's

Original poster: tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Finn et al
As you say re Ballast.

I bring this coil up slowly on a big variac,  It is early days with this
coil configuration and when my rotor is remade I would like to try bringing
it up using the MOT reactor instead of the large variac.

I've discovered that I need to put A capacitor in series with the AC feed to
the fullwave rectifers because of the current limiting effect of the MOT
series O/P inductance. This current limiting is not as evident when the MOT
stack is used in AC mode and is driving a directly capacitive load.

This afternoon I'm going to lash up a variable MOT reactor into a dummy load
like a few heaters and see for myself how they work

Ted L in NZ
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> Original poster: Finn Hammer <f-h@xxxx>
> Mot intensive, yes. But not to the extent you suggest.
> In a DC coil, you don`t need low side ballasting. The current draw is
> determined by the breakrate, and the ballast is the charging reactor.
> The charging reactor needs to be small enough to allow full charging
> of the cap at highest breaktates, but big enough to not let the
> current trough it rise to unquenchable levels during ringdown.
> Cheers, Finn Hammer
> Tesla list wrote:
> >Original poster: tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> >Hi Team
> >
> >This idea is great ,another way to use MOT's will certainly give this
idea a
> >go. Experiments with DC in the secondary core and its effect on L that I
> >have done suggest the idea is very sound.
> >
> >The machine is lookibng very MOT intensive
> >6 MOTS in the main PSU
> >6 again in the DC charging inductor
> >4 More in this variable reactor
> >
> >Thank goodness they are nearly free
> >
> >
> >