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Re: coax (grounding shield & AC?)

Original poster: "James Howells" <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

This thread has made me rethink about my intentions to use RG ( ?8) coax cable for my earth

I have some RG 8 or 58 ? coaxial - I cannot remember the exact code but it is about 1/2 dia and left over from my Radio Ham days ( G6PUR) c. 1982 ( the cable is c1995)

As my workshop / computer room Electrical lab ( also known as the spare bedroom) is on the first floor I thought about replacing my ground -earth wire with this co axial in the hope it might give some shielding of any stray RFI

I would have cut back the outer sheath and replaced my ex Navy, bare AERIAL wire with the co ax.

I have not had any complaints about RFI and one of my neighbours ( 100yds away) is an active Radio Ham .... he would soon say !!! he is a mate :)
Would it be beneficial or not
Other, personal considerations : I have brick outer, breeze block ( cinder block) inner, a 12" cavity wall, it is on the front of the house, The wife will give me allsorts of grief when she sees it ... I plan to do it when she is out of course!

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Subject: coax (grounding shield & AC?)

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"Don't run it with AC with the grounded shield on it."

Hi, just wondering why it is not good to use the coax with grounded shield on for AC? I use coax for high voltage wire on my jacobs ladder. I did notice that if the grounding shield was left normal by the high voltage terminals of the NST it would pick up some of the electricity. A small, weak, arc on the other end of the shield would jump to anything conductive, such as your hand. Cutting the shield/coil of wire off about 1" from the terminals stopped the problem though. Is this the reason, or something else?
Matt G.

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Subject : Re: RG-8 coax

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Original poster: "resonance"

With DC it will handle approx 50 kV just as it is.

With 60 Hz AC strip the outer coax off and run a separate ground

cable, eg, 12 AWG. Don't run it with AC with the grounded shield on it.

Dr. Resonance

>I know many of you use RG-8 for HV wire...

>Is it absolutely essential to strip the whole length or can I get away >with

>leaving it as it is.


>If I must, what is the most efficient way to do this?


>Any response is always appreciated!


>Robert Hanford



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