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Re: Photos 108 kva twin coil

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Absolutely awesome!  Dennis Hopkinton MA USA

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Subject: Photos 108 kva twin coil

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Just put a few photos up of my new twin coil called 'Cauac Twins' on my web site; <<http://www.playahearth.com/secondpage.htm%3Ehttp://www.playahearth.com/secondpage.htm>http://www.playahearth.com/secondpage.htm>http://www.playahearth.com/secondpage.htm In these photos shot a Coachella Art and music festival last weekend I was running at a power level of 108 kva. Input was 480 volt three phase rectified to DC charging new custom designed shiny polyprop dry capacitors and a brand new spark gap. Also using new rectifier stacks capable of 9 amps continuous at 75 kv. Towers are 16 feet tall and spaced at just under 40 feet apart. I'll be posting some HD video soon of them running where an interesting phenomenon is occurring.

I will also be running them THIS weekend May 5th and 6th, 2007 at the <<http://stagecoachfestival.com/%3EStagecoach>http://stagecoachfestival.com/>Stagecoach Country Music festival if anyone in southern california would like to come check 'em out. I'll be running them at even higher power if all goes well.

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