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Re: Slide Choke Help

Original poster: "Gerry  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Shelton,

The biggest issue is the cross sectional area of your core and the volts per turn. I designed a ballast with about 1 volt per turn and 6 square inchs of core. These two parameters determine the maximum flux thru the core and your margin from saturation. If you need to reduce the number of turns to get the inductance you are seeking, the area needs to go up (everything else the same). Of course, if the area goes up, the inductance also goes up. Trial and error will determine the bottom line and other's experience can help reduce the trial and error.

Gerry R.

Original poster: "H.S. J." <hsheltonj@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Everyone,

Ive just aquired as of Saturday, May 05 2007, A nice PT from Aaron H.. Although, I need to make a ballast for it so I can finally turn the thing on :D I would like to mkae one that is about capapable of being variable between 1A and 40A or so and, i would like some help on constructing one. I have poked around on the internet and on the list but, most links that were given are now dead or, the topic was so old, the technology is like out of date. I need help because, I have NO idea how large this thing should be and how to start going about making it, what gauge wire to wrap around the PVC, how many turns, how long should the PVC Be, etc...

I can go and buy stuff but, as of now, I have PVC pipe in the ranges of 1.5" ID to 6" ID, loads of coax cable, 2 100 ft. rolls of 18g baling wire, 10' .25" copper refrigerator tubing, 22AWG magnet wire, and..some other stuff.

So, any ideas from people that have made this kind of variable ballast, throw them out there for all to learn.

Thank You,

Thank You,


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