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Re: Hand crank..(Solar coil?)

Original poster: "Dave Pierson" <davep@xxxxxxxx>

Dunno how much of this I've missed.

10A/120V is 1.5 HP. (roughly) The typical human is less powerful than
the typical horse.  (granted: the official HP is based on a somewhat
imaginary horse, but not totally imaginary.)  I vaguely recall a human
is capable of a bit over 1/2 HP (say 350 oddW).  Arguably most power
available from bicycle rig.  Can build the alternator, or, more easier,
recycle (pun) automative alternator, omitting (or not) the diodes.
Multiple humans on multiple bicycles....

Windmill, figger 200W, from a 6 foot span, in 20 mph breeze.  (rough,
but close).  For solar, same 200W odd from 1 M square of solar array,
on tracking mount.  (tesla coils best viewed after dark: minimal
solar power.  8)>>  (Yeah.  Batteries... lossy))

Could design a hnad powered rig, was done, WWII, to power field radios.
I'd go with the bicycle recycle: legs strong...