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Re: 60 HZ single phase from 3 phase generator to drive an single phase HV transformer

Original poster: "Dave Pierson" <davep@xxxxxxxx>

On Thu, 03 May 2007 23:02:29 -0600
 "Tesla list" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>Hello DWP, et al,

>The genhead is a Stamford Newage wired 277/480 WYE. I have a 480v Delta-
>208/120 wye transformer. I would like to use this transformer and connect
>the grounded generator wye tap to the transformer secondary wye tap. It has
>been suggested I can do this. Do you concur?
    Yep.  I'd like a more expert opinion, tho.

>The generator is conservatively rated at 15KW 18.7KVAR 24/7 operation and is
>direct coupled to an Isuzu 80Hp C240 diesel prime mover.
    The 'question' is how much of this is required for other load: eg the
    Tesla Coil.

> I realize I can run 208v from the step down but it would be only utilizing 2/3 of the genhead as
>I see it, am I correct this would be an unbalanced condition?
    It would, however so long as the individual phase loads are within the
    nameplate spec, in the instance, less than 5KVA single phase, s/b OK.
    If splitting the load across two alternator phases, then close to
    10KVA (both assuming no other load : eg if feeding 10 of 15 KVA to
    coil, 3 phase, then only 1.33333333 kva to 2.66666666 kva available
    for single phase use.)

Again, any other comments appreciated. I know a bit of this, but do not pose
    as high wizard....

>Thanks, Jim Mora
>I have another single phase generator that maybe I'll just mount on the
>trailer. It is a cheapie 10KVA 240v 3600 rp/m stand alone dual belt coupled
>generator to a former Kubota diesel lawn tractor engine which I geared up
>some to stay in its torque range. It would be no great loss to loose the
>genhead but it is my backup power in case of a large California Earth Quake.
>I just found a serious military generator trailer, which should handle ALL
>my heavy stuff. The deck is 1/4 steel plate 7x10 foot and is rated to
      Thats another approach, two engines, but reduces any interaction
      between loads, via the common alternator source.