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Re: [TCML] Fear Factor


That was a kVA Effects job.  As Chief Engineer of kVA, I was
pushing the "ON" button each time.  The breakout point was
custom designed and fabricated by Jeff Parisse for that job.
On the film stage in Los Angeles, we had a very hard time
finding a good earth ground for the coil, but we solved it.
The coil (and the stunt for Fear Factor) worked flawlessly.
You might be interested to know that since that episode,
Universal Studios (Hollywood) also incorporated that stunt
for their "Fear Factor Live" attraction (also a kVA installation).
Universal Studios won a coveted live theamed park attraction
award for that installation.  That attraction continues in full
operation to today.

Best regards,
Bill Wysock

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> Anyone know who did the coil for this show "Fear Factor". It is interesting
> that the breakout is well below the toroid.
> http://www.nbc.com/Fear_Factor/files/files_508.shtml
> Thanks,
> Jim Mora
> And no, I have no intention of try to replicate this one!
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