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Re: [TCML] NST primaries

Hi Marko,
I don't see any harm in trying it. You might also think about connecting  the 
center point of the two primaries to the 'common' of the 240 volt supply.  
This will help keep the coils in balance, which is the purpose of  having two 
coils in the first place.
This was to insure that there was equal currents in both parts of a  
'midpoint ground' wiring scheme. That's where a series of neon tubes (like in a  neon 
border on a building) are fed at the middle of the string, and the far ends  
are returned to the grounded case of the transformer. This keeps the high  
voltage wiring to a minimum and the long return wires at close to ground  
potential. (Note: Newer transformers with GFCI have isolated midpoint  connections 
that are not grounded to the case)
This may not apply so much in TC use, but connecting the center point of  the 
primaries to the common wire (in a 3 wire 240 volt circuit) will insure that  
each coil gets exactly 120 volts, even if there is some difference in the  
secondary circuits.
Tony G
In a message dated 6/4/2008 5:46:10 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
kc5gym@xxxxxxx writes:

Hello  all,

My NST, originally a 15kv@120mA, has two prmary windings and two  secondary 
The primary windings are paralleled for 120v  input.

If I rewire the transformer primaries in series (keeping phasing  correct) 
can It be used with
240v input?

I want to do this to  decrease the input current  requirement.


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