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Re: [TCML] comments on designing a lightning protection system

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>Subject: Re: [TCML] comments on designing a lightning protection system
>I have done electrical work for 30 years, and most of the "professionals" that I have seen in action, I would not allow to touch my house.   Most state licensing arrangements are just a revenue collection scheme, and it unfortunately does not ensure that the contractor has any competence. 
There's several forms of licensure and certification that you're probably conflating here.

A "contractors license" doesn't assure any form of competence.  It represents that the holder has passed a test on contracting law and procedure, posted a bond, etc.  Contractor's licenses are held by a *business* not an individual (although in a sole proprietorship, they'd be effectively the same).  What it insures is that the contractor knows what a legal contract is (e.g. in CA, no big deposits, details of mechanic's liens, etc.) and that the business has provided for customer recourse in the event of non-performance (i.e the bond).

A "professional engineer's license" does have a competency aspect.. you have to have (typically) 6 years experience, certified by other professional engineers, pass a fairly grueling test on engineering, etc.  And you have a small test on the laws surrounding your license. It is held by an individual, not a business.

A "electrician's license" has a "trade experience" requirement, as well as a written test on the electrical code. Held by an individual.

In California, these days, the actual electrical work has to be done by a licensed electrician.  Not necessarily someone with a contractor's license (i.e. small jobs, jobs done by inhouse staff). Oddly, I, as a PE, even though I can design and specify to a gnats eyelash what needs to be done, cannot do the actual work.

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