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RE: [TCML] meter

I bought a cheap, Chinese POS meter off ebay for roughly $30 plus shipping.  It doesn't auto-range, but it does pretty much everything else including, full RCL.  L resolution is down to 1uH.  C resolution is down to 1pF.  R range goes all the way up to 2000M (what on Earth for???).  It reads frequency to 20MHz, and includes a diode & transistor checker.  It does AC/DC Amps up to 20A.  It makes a lousy cup of coffee, but I seldom use that feature anyway, so...

Accuracy-wise, it tracks right along with the nice Hewlett-Packard, Fluke, and Tektronix test equipment I have available at work.  The differences in readings are negligible for coiling/hobby use.

It's not a Fluke meter, but at a 10th of the cost, who cares?



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