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Re: [TCML] phillips question about wax and more

Wax shrinks a lot when it solidifies and could leave voids. Vaseline might  
be a better choice, but both are flammable.
It's very hard to remove a secondary coil without damaging the hair-fine  
wire, but if you can remove enough of the insulating paper from the outside  of 
the coil to expose the top layer of windings, you might be able to connect  the 
end of the wire to a larger lead out wire. 
Tony G

In a message dated 6/8/2008 1:43:03 P.M. Central Daylight  Time, 
eyemfedup2@xxxxxxxxx writes:

i also wondered if you could re-pot in wax
also I'm having real bad  luck removing coils inside seems i keep breaking 
secondary windings not to the  terminals but when i remove coils   i 
have fine exposed wires  also cant see were the connect to   

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