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Re: [TCML] phillips question about wax and more

----- Original Message ----- From: "Phillip Slawinski"

Primary   121.6V  6.4A  778.24 VA
Secondary 12000V  60mA  720.00 VA

Power Factor 0.93

Primary   120.8V 12.4A 1497.92 VA
Secondary 12000V 116mA 1393.07 VA

I can only vouch for the accuracy of the primary measurements.  These
measurements were taken with half the shunts removed.  Maybe my
numbers are way off?

That's about how both of mine turned out as well, doubling the current with half of the shunts removed. I would imagine that a point would be reached wherein removing too many shunts would lead to the core becoming saturated, with the current climbing exponentially (I^2R losses), but I didn't explore that area at the time.

It should be mentioned that this is for Tesla Coil duty, which uses a short duty cycle as opposed to the original design of the transformers, in which they are designed to be safely used 24/7.

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