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Re: [TCML] New Coiler in Georgia

If you contact me off-list I can email you the complete plans/data for a
nice coil running on a 12/30 mA NST.

You may wish to use JAVATC program to tweak your coil design --- this
program works great and saves a ton of time and "re-do's".

Welcome aboard.

Dr. Resonance

On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 3:52 PM, <ConorPerry@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Well I've been lurking and reading for awhile now, finally making my first
> post into the TCML.  I have lots
>  of questions but I'll start with a short introduction.  I've wanted to
> build a Tesla for a long time.  Way back
> in college a friend gave me a neon sign transformer.  I had no idea what I
> was going to do with it, but I had
> it and stored it out in the shed for 10 years.  A Halloween party came
> along so I built a Jacobs ladder and
> simple plasma ball with a car ignition and light bulb.  I dressed as a evil
> doctor and everyone thought it was
> great!  So being a normal geek, I have to step it up a notch.  Slowly
> reading, watching, and running
> JAVATC through many "what-if's".  Finally I bought a secondary off of eBay,
> then some caps.  The
> remainder of "the gathering" (parts gathering) happened throughout the
> house.  I'm a collector, but at least
> an organized collector.  Variac, PVC, 1/4" copper, wire of various gauges,
> and a mixing bowl stolen from
> the kitchen.  My home built CNC was put to work on the primary coil mounts.
>  One evening I realized I
> actually had all the parts and might be able to put together a test run.  I
> knew nearing nothing of tuning but
> it fired right up.  That first night I got 3" sparks and "Oh's and Ah's"
> from the wife ... but she still wanted her
> mixing bowl back!
> I've run my little coil another two dozen times or so, and each time I seem
> to learn more about tweaking it.
> I read an article about tuning with a 'scope and signal generator, now I'm
> able to make changes and still
> nearly hit the tuning when moving outside.  This coil maybe nearly complete
> and ready to show friends, but
> I'm already thinking of what to do next.  At work I'm able to get used
> 150amp IGBT's for free, so maybe a
> SSTC in the future?
> Here is a video I put together of my coil, it's pictures and some video
> mixed in.  I'd really like to hear from
> any southern coilers, seems like most of the activity is on the left-coast!
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj5a3vuxihQ
> CP8071
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