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Re: [TCML] phillips question about wax and more

That's one reason very old transformers are more likely to fail. The  
shrinking asphalt can leave voids or damage the fragile secondary windings.  If your 
transformer with the different smell had an internal short, it  might add a 
burned smell to the asphalt, or it may smell different because  a lot of the 
volatile compounds may have evaporated or dried out. 
Tony G

Interesting.  The last transformer I depotted was built in 1982  which
would explain the cracks in the potting material, and why it was  so
stubborn about coming out.  I'm still not sure why the old  transformer
had a completely different smell than the newer one.

On  Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 10:15 AM,  <Sfxneon@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Tar  is never used. The black stuff in NSTs is actually a mixture of asphalt
>  and silica flower, which makes it a stiffer consistency. Once it's  potted,
> they  don't want it to liquefy too easily and run out of  the case. Also, it
> slowly  dries out with age and becomes harder to  remelt.
> Tony G

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