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Re: [TCML] Greenhorn Coiler

Well, the transformer is a good place to start. About any NST will get you started. I would probably say you want to find a 15kv 60ma trany. All NST are notoriously fragile. You WILL need a Terry filter to protect it. The instructions to build one can be found in the lists archives. An OBIT stands for Oil Burning Ignition Transformer. As the name implies, it comes from an oil burning heater. You do not have to run it "in" oil. It can be used with good results for a starter coil to get your feet wet. I would still recommend the NST unless you have something else lying around. The Tesla coil experts monitor this list. Any question can be answered here it seems. Get started..

Chip Ford

---- "Nicholas J. Goble" <ngoble@xxxxxxx> wrote: 
> I'm beginning to plan my first tesla coil.  I've looked through many 
> sites over the internet and can't find any concrete information on the 
> transformer needed.  I know this is a broad question, but can someone 
> please explain the type of transformer that I need.  I don't want to 
> buy something that's not going to work on a tesla coil.
> I'm leaning more towards an NST because I've read that the alternative 
> needs oil (OBIT) and that seems like a hassle to deal with.
> Here are a few questions that I have:
> 1) What size transformer should I get?
> 2) What does RMS mean?
> 3) Is there anything specific that I need to know when buying a 
> transformer?
> 4) Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I should get and where I 
> could get it?
> Thanks
> Nicholas Goble
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