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[TCML] Dismal streamers (Part 2)

Ok, here's the link for the accompanying video...


Now lets see if I can field some of the questions that have
already popped up...

1. Yes, the spark gap is set to the optimal gap setting, and
    is being properly quenched.

2. I used 30nf, because that would effectively double the
    potential joule (aka: "bang") size, which I pondered may
    give it an extra little push.

3. I have indeed checked for carbon tracking... not just in
    the secondary, but also on the spark gap mount, and
    the primary coil mounts as well.

4. The 60mA supply is provided by an identical pair of 
     7500/30 NST's connected in parallel. and yes, they are
     properly phased.

Pics, and some documentation can be found here...

Rev. C.L. Mayeux
Owner, MSB Data Systems
Panama City, FL
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