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Re: [TCML] Toroid thickness effects


Hi Alex,
In general, larger major diameters provide more capacitance while  larger 
minor diameter means a somewhat higher breakout voltage due to larger  radius of 
curvature. Since your major diameters are so close, I think the 5  x 15 would 
give you slightly better performance.
For a quick calc of a isolated toroid, (NOT Gospel) you can use:
C(in pf)=[1+(0.2781-d/D)]*2.8*SQRT{PI*[(D-d)*d/4]}
where D is the major diameter in inches and d is the minor diameter in  
You can plot C by D by d in 3-D and get a feel for how the proportions  
interact even with the primitive plotting tools in Excel. 
Unfortunately, there isn't a quick & dirty calculation of hold-off  voltage 
vs D & d, although I'll bet someone on the list probably has done  it. 
Hope this helps
Matt D.

On Wed,  Jun 11, 2008 at 4:17 PM, b alex pettit jr  <a_pettit_jr@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi  All,
> For my 12/60 NST powered 4"x 20" coil
> I  have an option for purchasing either
> a 16"x 3" or 15"x 5" at the same  cost.
> What would be the difference in performance
>  between these ?
> Thanks,
> Alex P
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