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RE: [TCML] All of my tesla coil questions (for now)

You CAN build a MMC you just can't build the capacitors used in the MMC...
if you can solder.

Here is just a few links.

I'm guessing Dr. R is referring to the caps themselves?
You can buy them on ebay too
For example

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I stock MMCs.  Contact me off list for info.

Dr. Resonance

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 12:32 PM, Lau, Gary <Gary.Lau@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Nicholas,
> Welcome to the TCML.  My answers and comments interspersed.  Bear in mind
> that opinions differ between individuals on this List, and not everything
> you read is correct.  In building Tesla coils, there are a few things that
> are cast in stone (like you can't use electrolytic caps, you can't use
> state transformers), but then there's a lot of things that have a great
> of latitude in choosing, like NST ratings.
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> >
> > I figure I should introduce myself.  I'm a sophomore in college,
> > studying business.  I have only a basic college level physics course
> > under my belt, but I've read a lot about Tesla coils on the Internet.
> > I've always enjoyed building things and impressing people with them.  I
> > think the most fun is building them though.  My plan is to build a
> > small to medium coil over the summer.
> >
> > Instead of filling the archives and your inboxes with multiple
> > questions that are unknown to me but second nature to everyone else,
> > I'll just clump them all in one big message.  Here are all my
> > questions; hopefully someone can answer them:
> >
> > 1) Do I NEED a Terry filter?  I know they protect the transformer, but
> > I don't know how they work and what happens if I don't use one.
> A Terry filter, to a large degree, protects you from yourself.  Very often
> beginners open their gaps too wide, or things aren't built or hooked up
> properly, and the gap is effectively not connected.  Either scenario will
> cause the voltage on the NST and cap to climb to destructive levels.  The
> MOV's and safety gaps in the Terry filter protect against this.  In lieu
> a Terry filter, a simple PROPERLY SET safety gap alone will be 95% as good
> as a complete Terry filter.  Ask about how to set the gap, it's a whole
> other topic.
> > 2) Do I NEED a saftey gap?  Again, I know they protect the transformer,
> > but I'm in the dark as to how they work and what will happen if I don't
> > use one.
> See above.
> > 3) How much should I plan on spending on a transformer (approx 10KV,
> > 30mA)?  I don't want overpay because of inexperience.
> One can often get a free NST from a sign shop if you show up in person,
> speak gently and display competence without sounding cocky.  Any core and
> coil (as opposed to solid state) NST can be used.  I've build a very
> satisfying coil using a 4kv/20mA NST (see
> http://www.laushaus.com/tesla/minicoil.htm), so don't get hung up on
> finding a particular voltage unit, and don't believe those that say you
> at least X kV to work.
> > 4) How do I construct an MMC?  What type of circuitry do I use?  I
> > can't find any concrete information on MMC's.
> There is no real circuitry beyond the capacitors, and it's generally
> considered a good idea to place a 10M 1/2W bleeder across each cap.  It's
> not true that bleeders are only if you're using DC.  An AC powered coil
> still leave a charge on the cap if certain failure modes occur.
> There are a zillion types of capacitors, and very very few of them are
> suitable for use in Tesla coils, so let me simplify things.  Use
> Cornell-Dubilier 942C20P15K-F caps.  These are 0.15uF@2000V each.  Use
> enough in series to give the correct voltage.
> > 5) Instead of building an MMC, whould it be cheaper and/or more
> > effective to build a plate capacitor out of just window glass and some
> > other metal?
> Cheaper, maybe, but it will perform poorly, and will be huge and heavy.
> > 6) This was my plan for a spark gap: Have 2 rods (preferably Tungsten)
> > form a gap inside a PVC pipe and have a fan or blower at one or both
> > ends.  Will this be sufficient?  Would a rotary gap be better?  I just
> > don't want to be replacing the rods every time I fire this thing up.
> A rotary might be best, but is much, much more complex to build and
> requires special consideration for the cap value, and all in all, is not
> recommended for a beginner.
> A static gap, using parallel copper pipes, with a small fan blowing on it
> (you don't need a leaf blower!), is the best place to start.  I have a
> variety of static gaps described on my web site
> http://www.laushaus.com/tesla
> > 7) Should I use insulated, magnetic wire on the secondary coil?
> The correct term is just "magnet wire", but yes, any magnet wire you come
> across, typically in the range of 22-32 gauge is fine.  The goal is to
> a secondary with 800-1600 turns, so the gauge should be chosen per the
> form size.  More of the sequence of determining sizes in
> http://www.laushaus.com/tesla/howtodesign.htm
> > My biggest fear is that my coil doesn't work after all the time and
> > effort I invest into it.  My second biggest fear is that it dies
> > shortly after I put it together.  My third biggest fear is that I die
> > from it.  I'm pretty sure I can be safe around electricity.  Just don't
> > touch the thing when the cap is charged or it's plugged in, right?
> >
> > These are all my questions for now.  I appreciate all of your past and
> > future answers.  This has been an extremley helpful listserve.  Thanks
> >
> > Nicholas Goble
> One often sees unremarkable results on the first try, myself included.  If
> it were easy and everyone got the same results, it wouldn't be nearly so
> fun.  Enjoy!
> Regards, Gary Lau
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