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[TCML] Ceramic Insulator Source

Someone was asking yesterday.

I have gotten ceramic post type insulators the last couple of years from a
company in New Jersey called Daburn.  They actually have a pretty good
selection, but you do have to order in case qty (usually 10).  I have four
of the 10-76 insulators on my spark gap which get burned at the haunted
house from time to time and have to be replaced.

Their web site is normally at Daburn.com but seems to be messed up at the
moment.  You can reach them by phone at (201) 768-5400.

I did find their catalog on the ThomasNet site:

Daburn Electronics & Cable Corp.
224 Pegasus Ave.
Northvale, NJ 07647
Phone: 201-768-5400
Fax: 201-768-9642

Brett Hays
Director, Fear Fair Haunted House
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