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[TCML] Bipolar coil winding

Hello Fellow Coilers,

I am beginning winding my first "1/2" wave bipolar horizontal coil. There
seems to be a difference of opinion on the DIRECTION of wind when I get to
the center (1/2" gap). I know twins are wound in opposite directions. It
seems to me that since the solenoid primary is 180 degrees out of phase end
to end, the direction should carry on the same??? Can a few of you that have
made these please check in with what works the best?

I would like to have some agreement before I get to the half way point.

The secondary is 2.25" acrylic, 27" total wind, 30AWG, 6:1 ratio, approx 900
turns to the center. The primary solenoid will be wound on a 8.25" acrylic
tube with 3/16" CU tubing on .25 to .375" spacing to allow taping. I will
likely add a 3" tube to encase the secondary. There will be ~ 12x3" toroids
on each end and the usual adjustable sweeping centered electrodes on 3/8"
tube. I have numerous transformers in this power range to experiment with.
It would seem the power would want to double from a smallish coil like this
in 1/4 wave. Thoughts? 

I wouldn't normally wind such a thin secondary, but I have the acrylic on
hand and want to be able simply demonstrate this coil to small groups
without the worries of a ground or wayward arcs.

Thanks Much,
Jim Mora

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