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[TCML] My 9/30 joins transformer heaven...

A bit of bad news,
After finding out the strange effects of Terry Filter were caused by
simple bad wiring, I promptly cut out the shorts and replaced all of
the overstressed components as recommend.  After taking the coil
outside with my RF ground and running a few short fires to reset the
safety gap, everything seemed fine...Then the coil began to sputter.
Before I could get to the off switch, the whole system cut out and the
smell of chlorine became present.

So I killed my first neon transformer after a total service of a few
hours with my coil.  After I brought it in, it felt very warm to the
touch and when voltage was applied, it could only draw a very small
spark and dimmed the lights in my garage.  Yep, defiantly fried.

As my first coil, I expected this to happen at some point, but it was
just too weird to have a failure after just replacing the Terry
Filter, although I think the transformer had it coming.  It was only
regulated by a toggle switch and a low pass EMI filter, so the only
voltage control was full blast or nothing (a system I'm NOT using

So for my next 15/60 coil, I suppose its time to invest in a variac,
and of course build the filter correctly the first time :(  I just
don't want to see this problem again...(by the way, can someone also
recommend a good variac size?  Thanks.)

So my question is, what do you think happened?  My spark gap was set
to a point where the NST could break down the air without the caps
connected anywhere, the NST case was grounded with a line running
right to the RF ground.  I personally think when my first coil got a
good glimpse of the second one I was putting together it got jealous
and quite on me :)

Seriously though, what's some general advice for protecting NST
outside of the Terry Filter?

Thanks for all replies, its been a odd week of coiling,
Scott Leonard
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