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[TCML] ok you got me

OK you got me what i was trying to get at with obviously the wrong words my bad
was i guess that with javatc i seem to get the same spark length with
15000v/30ma as i do with 7500v/60 nst so why worry about trying to figure out a way of putting them in series instead of putting them in parallel to double the current . it seems to have the same result to a point.
maybe what i should have said was P=IxE  and was referring to  wattage and seems to be the same when comparing both with javatc it seems to have the same results.
my humble apologies if i am wrong and thank you for correcting me as not to mislead myself or another.
one of the cool things about doing this i its a learning process.
maybe if they would have done something like this while i was in tech school
inductive reactance and capacitive reactance would have been more interesting.
i found digital electronics much more interesting.
after all these years and there are many I'm just now starting to understand this stuff

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