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RE: [TCML] Terry Filter MOV heat

Absolutely NOT normal.  Hot means that the string of MOV's is conducting current, which should not happen unless an overvoltage situation is occurring.  But even more troubling is your report that only some of the MOV's are getting hot and not others.  That's like saying that only some Christmas tree lights are lit in a series string.  Either they should all be hot, or they should all be cool.  Is it possible that some of the MOV's (the cool ones) are fried, and shorted?  I suggest checking each with an Ohm meter.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Hi,
> Quick question for someone I hope, I've just finished building my Terry
> Filter and when setting the safety gap noticed the MOV's nearest the
> ground rail get very hot, so hot you can't touch them, is this
> normal ???
> Regards
> Mark

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