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Re: [TCML] mots in series

     You connect the cores and ground them, this gives you 4 kV center 
tapped grounded, just like an NST.  To extend the stack further, you 
attach the high voltage outputs to the cores of two more MOTs.  You must 
phase the primaries properly or you will get no more than a few hundred 
volts, you figure out how to do this properly by experimentation (wire 
them up, if it doesn't make arcs, flip the primaries of one MOT.  You 
ground the cores to an RF ground just like an NST.  the best method to 
getting larger stacks is to make and test pairs of MOTs with cores tied 
together, leave the first pair connected in the manner, disconnect the 
cores of the second pair and hook them to the hot outputs of the first 
pair, if you get no sparks reverse all the primaries of the second 
pair.  You continue to do this for each additional pair (do not exceed 8 
pairs!)  Good luck, sometimes MOTs can be finicky (but you cannot beat 
the price!)

Scott Bogard.

Neal Namowicz wrote:
> Hi,
> Virtually all the mots I have, and have seen, only have the one hv output (ok, a couple have a hi and low output), since the other end is attached to the core. So to series two (or more) together, would I have to
> 1. attach the output of the first to the core of the second? 
> 2. I'm "assuming" that phasing is not an issue like it is with nst's in parallel, but could someone confirm or correct me on this? 
> 3. Since the core is "hot", do I just let the cores float, as in not grounding them to house or rf ground?
> I've looked thru various sites at schematics, but I'm still not clear on this.
> Thanks for your help,
> Neal.
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