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Re: [TCML] New Coil Pics

Just wanted to show some pics of my new coil , and to thank everyone on the list for answering my questions and offering me advice. I still need to build a toroid for it and a few other little things like a larger variac for one and some PFC caps . the specs are 6 MOT power supply, no ballast, I have built a slide choke but have not used it yet MMC 100nF tank ( 216 CD942 caps) ARSG (16 -1/4"brass electrodes on a 10 aluminum disk 2-1/4 brass stationary electrodes) 12" secondary 1000 turns awg18
 corona ring made from 4" aluminum duct
 Primary coil 12 turns of spring bronze weather stripping
22 amp variac ( I run it around 30 amps ) safety gap across outputs
 120 volt 60 amp input variac
max arc from corona ring is about 5 feet to grounded rod , I have only been able to run it in my garage so far , maybe this weekend I will run it outside if the weather is nice and I get the topload done.
 Here is the link for the pics , any suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated
 Thanks again everyone http://www.geocities.com/m.bailey@xxxxxxxxxx/
Mike Bailey"

	Beautiful work.  Am I correct in believing your RSG has an aluminum disk carrying the electrodes supported at the center with an insulating hub?  Every time I read notes like "G-10 BLISTERING" I wonder why more guys don't make their gaps this way - better cooling by far, no worry about material strength, etc.  It was a common technique in the pre-1920's era of spark transmitters.  Often the gap part was cast and then machined.


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