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Re: [TCML] voltage divider

hi douglas
im hoping this ascii drawing works but if it doesnt i can draw up a pic n send link

basically you need resistors to divide the voltage down by a certain ratio
for example 5kv -> 5v you would need a ratio of 5000:5 or 1000:1

the resistors configred as follows

HV+ O-----[=R1=]-----(meter +)------[=R2=]------(meter -)---O HV-
for ac measurements HV+ = HV(hot) and HV- = HV(ground)

where R1+R2 : R1 = 1000:1
so the values can be any range of ohms/K/M ect
if we use 10K for R1 we will need 9990K for R2
reason for 9990K is because the 10K is included in both sides of the ratio
this is because the HV will be seen by all resistors (R1+R2) but the meter will only see the 10k portion (R1)

R2 can be made of any number of series resistors provided it adds up to 9990K ohms
as an example you could have 9x1M + 9x100k + 9x10k (9000k + 900k + 90k)

this circuit is best with either a digital multimeter or a CRO/oscilliscope

the formulas are as follows

v1 = max range of the meter
v2 = required HV reading (try keeping it as multiple of 10 for ease of reading)

R2= ------ x R1 v1

if that didnt turn out well R2 = ( ( v1 - v2 ) / v1 ) x R1

hope this helps

Paul Bidmead
BidSpec Electronics Engineering
Mob: 0404 259 733
Email: admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx

douglas smith wrote:
i hear you guys talking about  voltage dividers for measurement of kv.
is that for meters or scopes?
i was hoping someone had a good schematic so it can measure my high voltages
as right now my meter only goes to 750 a/c volts.
Ive never built one for  KV

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