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Re: [TCML] mots in series


So I leave them floating, that's ok. I can insulate them from the metal box with
a piece of plexi underneath and secure them with plastic (nylon, whatever)nuts
and bolts.


Quoting Scott Bogard <teslas-intern@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Neal,
>      I am not sure but I think the purpose of floating a core means it
> is not grounded, and I believe this is also the case here.  If you were
> to ground the core, you had might as well just leave the core connected
> and feed your center pairs into it (what I do (not recommended!))
> Neal Namowicz wrote:
> >
> > Could the outside mot cores be grounded to rf ground? (I'm thinking of
> > how and where I wanted to mount them)

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